Dublin: Discovering Temple Bar

Green, wild and magical. This is Ireland, a country that surprised me from the very first moment I stepped on it and that I am sure I will visit again. A marvel full of amazing landscapes that every photographer wants to capture at least once in a lifetime, such as the famous Cliffs of Moher, and with cities that hide special corners as its capital, Dublin, or the picturesque town of Galway, on the east coast.

VITAL ARTERY. With just over half a million inhabitants, Dublin is an easy city to visit. Most tourist attractions are concentrated in the central area. O’Connell Street is the busiest artery across the city. It starts over the River Liffey in the O’Connell Bridge and ends at Parnell Street. Apart from shops, there are important monuments including The Spire -a needle of 120 meters high-, the statue of the nineteenth century nationalist leader Daniel O’Connell or the General Post Office, where the Republic of Ireland was proclaimed. FROM PUB TO PUB. Temple Bar is synonymous of culture, pubs and party. Among Dame Street and the Liffey River, it is the best known Dublin neighbourhood. It concentrates dozens of restaurants and pubs, including the famous Temple Bar, and places such as the Centre of Photography. With live music on every corner, the atmosphere of the streets is something unique that must be experienced especially at night when the narrow cobbled streets are filled with Dubliners and tourists looking for fun from pub to pub until dawn.




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