Dublin: To the parks

Dublin is also well known because it is a great place to go shopping. In this city, you will find stores with articles of the best known brands but also beautiful shops with unique handmade items. And if you need to take a break after purchasing so many things, relax yourself in some of the amazing urban parks that are in the city.

LET’S GO SHOPPING. Grafton Street, O’Conell and Henry Street are the most recommended places to visit if you are looking for clothes, shoes, bags or make up. If you want more, do not forget shopping centres such as St. Stephen’s Green, Jervis or Brown Thomas. And if you are looking for unique items, go to Temple Bar where you will find amazing stores with great handmade pieces. TAKE A BREAK. St Stephen’s Green is the eldest public park in Ireland. Especially during the afternoon it is full of people running, reading a book or just listening to the numerous singers that are distributed around the park. One of the most amazing things there is an area called “Park for blind persons” with many aromatic plants that are named in braille. If you have enough time do not doubt and visit Phoenix Park the biggest urban park in Europe with more than 700 hectares full of green zones that also include the Dublin Zoo. Take a bike to visit it, there are many to rent in the entrances and pay attention because, if you are lucky, you may see a deer.

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