Mallorca: East Coast

Mallorca is the biggest of the Balearic Islands and also the one with a major variety of landscapes. In less than an hour by car you can change from being sunbathing in a marvellous bay to enjoying a great meal in one of the charming villages in the Serra de Tramuntana such as Sóller or Valldemossa. Discover the other Mallorca.

SURROUNDED BY NATURE. It is said that Caló des Moro in Santanyí is the most beautiful bay in Mallorca. After going down using a difficult access and accommodate yourself in one of the rocks, it is time to get into the sea and enjoy the landscape. Around you, you will see a truly unspoiled place with crystalline water and caves formed by the tide. To experiment even more this sensation arrive early in the morning. Just next to it, you can also visit Cala s’Almunia and enjoy the beautiful forms that water has created in the rocks. A MAGIC PLACE. Meters of beach with clear sand and calm clean water. This is Es Trenc a great place to experience with children because of its shallow waters and to relax yourself. Swim far offshore where the noise of the people is imperceptible and enjoy the peacefulness of the place. Once you are there you will realise that these waters have nothing to envy to the Caribbean seas. SANTANYÍ. End the day having dinner in one of the restaurants in Santanyí and enjoy the typical food of the region.        IMG_2178

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Dublin: To the parks

Dublin is also well known because it is a great place to go shopping. In this city, you will find stores with articles of the best known brands but also beautiful shops with unique handmade items. And if you need to take a break after purchasing so many things, relax yourself in some of the amazing urban parks that are in the city.

LET’S GO SHOPPING. Grafton Street, O’Conell and Henry Street are the most recommended places to visit if you are looking for clothes, shoes, bags or make up. If you want more, do not forget shopping centres such as St. Stephen’s Green, Jervis or Brown Thomas. And if you are looking for unique items, go to Temple Bar where you will find amazing stores with great handmade pieces. TAKE A BREAK. St Stephen’s Green is the eldest public park in Ireland. Especially during the afternoon it is full of people running, reading a book or just listening to the numerous singers that are distributed around the park. One of the most amazing things there is an area called “Park for blind persons” with many aromatic plants that are named in braille. If you have enough time do not doubt and visit Phoenix Park the biggest urban park in Europe with more than 700 hectares full of green zones that also include the Dublin Zoo. Take a bike to visit it, there are many to rent in the entrances and pay attention because, if you are lucky, you may see a deer.

DSC_0619 copia copia

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Dublin: Discovering Irish History

Ireland has a history full of different epochs that are explained in the monuments and museums you find while you are walking through Dublin streets. The Vikings Era, the Protestants and the War of Independence in 1919 are some of the most known elements of the complex history of this country. But Ireland is much more.

THE CASTLE. Vikings, soldiers, kings and judges have lived in this incredible building situated in the heart of the city. Now, its main visitors are tourists that want to admire the magic corners that hide Dublin Castle such as the Throne Room or St. Patricks Hall. Although there are parts that from the street do not look like a castle, do not distrust its outside aspect, it was rebuilt after a fire in 1684 but indoors it is perfectly preserved. HISTORY IN A FUNNY WAY.  When I travel to a new country I like to do research about the place I am visiting and Dublin offers an amazing opportunity to do this in a funny way. Dublinia is a history museum that explains mainly the Vikings and the Middle Age periods with recreations of everyday situations such as how the houses were in these epochs or how poor people lived in these ages. An easy way to understand the Irish history, really recommended for children. CHURCHES. St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church are the two most important churches in Ireland. The first one was erected in Ireland patron’s honor, St. Patrick, who, around the year 450, baptized converted people in a well close to the point where the cathedral was going to be built. The second one is the oldest protestant church in Dublin and hides under it an amazing crypt with a great café. It has 19 bells; the oldest was built in 1038. UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde or Edmund Burke studied in Trinity College, the eldest university in Ireland, situated in Dublin Centre. Spend some of your time walking through the campus of this amazing place full of history and do not forget to visit the breathtaking library and the Book of Kells. FANCY A BEER? You cannot leave Dublin without tasting a pint of Ginness. You can do it in any pub but I encourage you to try it in the Guinnes Storehouse where you will discover what is behind this famous drink. If you like Guinness you will enjoy the visit, and if not, you will start loving it.

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Ireland: To the Cliffs of Moher

Dublin has amazing places to visit but if you have enough time the best option is make a one day excursion and enjoy the opportunity to see the amazing Irish landscapes. There are many organised bus tours that start in Dublin and go to great places such as Wicklow, Glendalough or other cities like Belfast, but the one that interested me more was the excursion to the Cliffs of Moher, one of the best places to shoot in the world.

THE CASTLE. Bunratty Castle is the first stop of the excursion. Built in the 15th century it is located in the centre of the Bunratty village and very close of the Atlantic coast. A NATURAL WONDER. 8 kilometres long. 210 metres height. 1.000.000 visits per year. The Cliffs of Moher is one of these places that every photographer wants to shoot. The green grass, the blue see and the unpredictable Irish sky are those three elements that contribute to create magical pictures of this unforgettable place. You will feel as if you were an ant between huge mountains. Enjoy the experience but be careful, one slip and you are dead. A COLORFUL CITY. Galway is the last stop. It is one of the most interesting cities in Ireland, with colorful buildings and nice monuments such as the Cathedral or the Spanish Arc. It is also a good place to go shopping and experience the streets atmosphere full of young people that study in one of the two universities of this typical Irish city.


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Dublin: Discovering Temple Bar

Green, wild and magical. This is Ireland, a country that surprised me from the very first moment I stepped on it and that I am sure I will visit again. A marvel full of amazing landscapes that every photographer wants to capture at least once in a lifetime, such as the famous Cliffs of Moher, and with cities that hide special corners as its capital, Dublin, or the picturesque town of Galway, on the east coast.

VITAL ARTERY. With just over half a million inhabitants, Dublin is an easy city to visit. Most tourist attractions are concentrated in the central area. O’Connell Street is the busiest artery across the city. It starts over the River Liffey in the O’Connell Bridge and ends at Parnell Street. Apart from shops, there are important monuments including The Spire -a needle of 120 meters high-, the statue of the nineteenth century nationalist leader Daniel O’Connell or the General Post Office, where the Republic of Ireland was proclaimed. FROM PUB TO PUB. Temple Bar is synonymous of culture, pubs and party. Among Dame Street and the Liffey River, it is the best known Dublin neighbourhood. It concentrates dozens of restaurants and pubs, including the famous Temple Bar, and places such as the Centre of Photography. With live music on every corner, the atmosphere of the streets is something unique that must be experienced especially at night when the narrow cobbled streets are filled with Dubliners and tourists looking for fun from pub to pub until dawn.


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